About Me

Hi. Seriously, hi.IMG_0775

If you’re reading this, you either like the stuff I write, or you know me personally and just want to show your support by looking at my website. Either way, hi.

I didn’t realize I wanted to be a writer until my freshman year in college. Granted, I never really thought I would write a book and have someone buy it, but I liked the idea of writing a book and having someone buy it. I was watching a rerun of Law and Order one day, when it hit me: I wanted to write a crime novel and be an author. Well, I didn’t write a crime novel, but I started reading more and started to like romance, so I started coming up with the idea of the Less is More series and eventually (three years to be exact), I finished Breathless.

I still plan to write that crime novel one day. Well, several crime novels, but one genre at a time, I guess.

My time is most likely being spent at my computer screen where I am sitting with my eyes wide, wondering what to add to finish out a character’s thoughts. Writer’s block is real, and it makes me want to vomit. If I am not at my computer screen, I am most likely eating something that will cause me to never have a six-pack or drinking my calories, which also will cause me to never have a six-pack.

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